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Virgin Mary’s church at Domata

Adorned with a splendid gilded iconostasis crafted in 1839, this distinguished church stands as a testament to Kefalonia’s rich religious heritage, blending elements of the Russian Orthodox tradition with local craftsmanship.

Among its treasured relics, the church boasts the revered casket of Patriarch Gregory V, a poignant symbol of sacrifice and martyrdom. Executed by the Turks on Easter Sunday, April 10th, 1821, Patriarch Gregory V met his tragic fate at the entrance of the Patriarchate. His lifeless body was discovered by Kefalonian captain Nikolas Sklavos, who valiantly retrieved it from the waters of the Bosporus and conveyed it to Odessos for a dignified burial. In a gesture of reverence, the casket was bestowed upon Sklavos as a blessing and later enshrined within the Church of the Holy Virgin.

Honoring the legacy of Patriarch Gregory V and the Virgin Mary, the church observes two significant feast days: November 21st, dedicated to the Virgin, and April 10th, commemorating St. Gregory V. These solemn occasions invite worshippers and visitors alike to reflect on the enduring faith and profound sacrifices that resonate throughout Kefalonia’s history.