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The bay of Argostoli boasts one of the Mediterranean’s rare natural harbors. Anchoring the bay’s head is Koutavos Lagoon, shaped by the iconic De Bosset Bridge, a poignant testament to the town’s heritage. While the lagoon’s shallow waters restrict larger vessels, visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along its perimeter, immersing themselves in the lush greenery of Koutavos Forest.

Argostoli’s waterfront is adorned with palm trees and an elegant mosaic of black and white pebbles. Mornings see a flurry of activity as the harbor bustles with commerce, with picturesque fishing boats showcasing their fresh catches. As night falls, it transforms into a romantic heaven, perfect for moonlit walks or quiet moments on the benches, admiring yachts from around the world and the twinkling lights of mountain villages reflected on the tranquil bay.

Recent years have witnessed extensive renovations along the waterfront, enhancing accessibility and further enriching its beauty.

For the adventurous, a stroll or bike ride past the marina leads to the scenic coastal road towards Katavothres or Fanari Municipal Beach, named after the nearby lighthouse.