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Megas Lakkos Beach

Red sand and clean waters

On the south of the Paliki peninsula and right next to Xi beach is Megas Lakkos. This beach is calmer than Xi, but equally organized. The waters are shallow a great distance off, which makes it ideal for its younger visitors. It is also well-known for its fine, red sand and its clean waters.

This is an ideal beach from all points of view as, apart from the fact that it’s organized, with a spacious parking, sunbeds, umbrellas, taverns and cafés which you can go to after your swim, there is also a beach bar where you can cool down and relax viewing Vardianoi, the small desert island which is locates southeast of Kefalonia. It you get tired of Megas Lakkos and want to go for a walk, then you have nothing more to do than walk a bit along the shore, cross over the rock and go to Xi beach.