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Dafnoudi Beach

Μysterious piece of paradise

Dafnoudi is the village’s of Antipata beach and it’s a piece of heaven on earth. It’s one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the Ionian in a particularly lush green natural environment.

On the way to Fiskardo, exactly where the village ends, we turn left and drive on for about 1,5 km. (there’s also a sign). Somewhere we reach a dead end at a cute green forest. From that point onwards, the nature of Erisos is revealed even more intensely, as the only way for someone to reach the beach is by following a unique path that leads to it. It’s a quite wide and safe path with very tall old trees covering the hot summer sun, offering natural shade throughout the entire route, which only lasts 10 minutes. Walking the path, one feels like he’s on a green mountain and expects to see anything else but a beautiful beach. But suddenly appears lovely Dafnoudi with its white pebbles.

A small bay like a natural pool, away from any kind of human intervention, with a view towards Lefkada and sounds of the waves, breeze and the forest birds. The greenery literally touches the sea and, on the whole, the natural scenery reminds us of an earthly paradise. Dafnoudi is really a divine gift where the visitor can live another rare experience. As one is looking at the sea, on the right side by the rocks, he can enter and see one of the most beautiful little caves with small white pebbles. There in the intense coolness one can enjoy the view of the sea or swim and exit the cave swimming this time. It’s a romantic environment which remains unforgettable to the visitor and everybody wants to revisit.