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Virgin Mary’s church and cemetary at Drapano

Nestled on the outskirts of Argostoli, adjacent to the cemetery, lies the enchanting church of the Virgin Mary Mirtidiotissa, affectionately known as “the Virgin Mary at Drapano” and revered as the patron saint of Argostoli. Every September 24th, the devout and the curious alike gather to witness the solemn procession of her sacred and miraculous icon. Accompanied by dignitaries, musicians, clergy, and the townsfolk of Argostoli, the icon embarks on a ceremonial journey.

Traditionally, the procession traced a route from the Saviour’s Church to the Metropolitan Church, but today it culminates at the revered Saint Spyiridon Church in Argostoli. Here, amidst solemn rituals and fervent prayers, the icon finds temporary sanctuary for about a week before being reverently returned to its home in Drapano.

This cherished tradition, spanning centuries, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and has been formally recognized as a local holiday, as evidenced by historical documents preserved in the “Historical Archives” of Kefalonia.