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Napier gardens

Napier Gardens, named after Sir Charles Napier, a 19th-century British governor of the island, stands as one of Argostoli’s most picturesque spots. Perched atop a rise overlooking the main square, this lush park offers a serene escape from the town’s hustle and bustle, particularly during the scorching summer months.

Marked by a stately iron gateway, the entrance to the gardens is bordered by traditional Kefalonian stone walls. Wide cobblestone pathways meander upwards, passing by a poignant war memorial and culminating at a charming iron bandstand nestled at the garden’s summit.

Recent renovations have transformed the park into a well-lit sanctuary, adorned with benches and picnic tables. It has become a favored venue for summertime outdoor events, inviting locals and visitors alike to enjoy its tranquil ambiance.