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Monastery of Theotokos of Agrilia

Monastery of Theotokos of Agrilia

It was built in 18th century on the spot where the miraculous icon of Theokotos was found by two shepherds and their maid in 1722. Following the discovery of the icon, they decided to live a monastic life. The monks Gabriel and Simon and the nun Pelagia constituted the first staff of the Monastery and worked tiressly towards making it a place of worship and as well as increasing its estate. St Kosmas the Aetolian gave sermons here during his passage through Sami. In remembrance of this, a handsome chapel has been built outside the yard of the Monastery.

The Monastery celebrates on August 15th (Dormition of Theotokos) when thousands of devout worshippers from all over the island, Ithaca, and even Aetoloacarnania, gather. A second celebration takes place on the 24th of the same month, the feast of St. Kosmas the Aetolian.

The ruins of Sts Phanedon Monastery is located nearby where one can admire superb frescoes of the post Byzantine era. The miraculous icon of Sts Phanedon (Gregory – Theodore – Leon of Constantinople) and the icon of Virgin and Child – the so called «Loutrou»- are kept in the new beautiful Church of The Holy Virgin in Sami which has exceptional modern frescoes and a superb wood carved iconostasis (templon) with beautiful modern portable icons.

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