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Monastery of Saint Andreas and the Byzantine Museum

Monastery of Saint Andreas and the Byzantine Museum

It is the oldest Byzantine Monastery re-established in 1579 by the three nuns Magdalini, Venedikti and Leontia. In 1639, the Princess Roxanne Tsigara, once saved from a shipwreck reached the Monastery where she stayed to lead her monastic life. It was here that she dedicated her vast fortune but also the sacred relic of the right foot of Apostle Andreas which is kept in the interior of the church and it is exposed to the faithful for pilgrimage.

The place name Milapidia is owned to the unique variety of a tree planted in the area and it is a crossing of apples tree with pear tree. On 30th November the Monastery celebrates in memory of Saint Apostle. Also, on Easter Friday, the y hold a Holly Mass and a procession of the relics of Apostle Andreas up to the chapel of Saint Nikolaos. Then dinner if offered with the care of the nuns. The Monastery has also an Ecclesiastic Museum established in 1988 which was primarily housed in the pre-earthquake church of the Monastery which remained intact from the destructive earthquake of 1953. then, due to limited space, a new building was built where they exhibit wooden temples, portable icons and relics which represent the four centuries of religious tradition and ecclesiastic art.

The Monastery is open to the public on a daily basis from 07.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00p.m to 21.00 p.m.
Telephones: 26710 – 69398 και 26710 – 69700