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Cyclopean walls of ancient Krani

Cyclopean walls of ancient Krani

Dating back to the 7th century BC, the cyclopian walls of Krani stretch over 2 kilometers and are among the finest examples of ancient. As you walk along them, enjoy the island’s unique wildlife and marvel at the perfectly aligned stones.

The walls once protected the ancient town of Krani, located at the end of Koutavos Bay, with remains of buildings still visible. Krani was part of the Ancient Sami kingdom, which ruled Kefalonia for over three thousand years.

On a nearby hill called Riza, you can find the remnants of chamber tombs from the Mycenaean period, although many have been damaged over time. Despite the ravages of nature, parts of the Cyclopean Walls still stand as a testament to ancient Greek engineering.

To visit cyclopian walls of ancient Krani, take the main road from Argostoli to Sami and look for a sign near Razata pointing to the “Cyclopean Walls.” The road becomes a dirt path with parking available nearby.