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Byron’s rock

Although Lord Byron is widely recognized as one of history’s greatest philhellenes, few are aware of his connection to Kefalonia. While Byron Street in Argostoli may link him to the capital in popular perception, historical records reveal a deeper bond between Byron and the picturesque region of Livathos.

In the heart of the charming village of Lakithra, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Livathos, lies “Byron’s Rock” – a testament to the renowned poet’s intimate relationship with the island. Perched near the vantage point of “Kallithea,” overlooking the azure expanse towards Zakynthos, this iconic rock is steeped in history and inspiration.

Legend has it that Byron would spend hours seated upon this rugged outcrop, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking scenery and the fervent spirit of Greece’s struggle for independence. Some accounts even romanticize Byron’s youthful exploits in the tranquil yet captivating ambiance of this idyllic setting.