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Aenos national park

Kefalonia island boasts a captivating blend of rugged mountains and picturesque coastlines, offering breathtaking views of both land and sea. Its National Park is a heaven for diverse flora and fauna, as well as unique geological formations, making it a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts.

Recognizing its ecological significance, the Ministry of Environment has initiated a comprehensive protection and promotion program for Aenos. Plans for expansion and enhancement aim to safeguard its rich biodiversity and elevate its status as a premier natural attraction.

Comprising the main Aenos mountain mass and Mount Rudi to the northwest, the park spans 2862 hectares of diverse terrain. From the barren northeast to the lush lower slopes, Enos showcases a remarkable range of ecosystems shaped by its Mediterranean climate.

Once densely forested, centuries of exploitation have reduced Aenos’ woodland cover. However, efforts to preserve its native “black” Kefalonian fir trees have led to its designation as a National Park in 1962. Today, this fir forest, along with a plethora of broadleaved and brushwood species, forms the backbone of Aenos’ unique flora.

The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including foxes, hares, and the iconic Aenos horses, descendants of ancient Greek stock. Rare reptiles and bird species, such as the elusive black woodpecker, add to the park’s biological diversity.

Aenos’ cultural heritage is equally captivating, with ancient ruins atop Megas Soros attesting to its historical significance. The park’s landmarks, like the Metaxa building and Zoodoxos Pigi chapel, offer glimpses into its past and present.

Designated as a Biogenetic Reserve and Special Protection Zone, Aenos holds international acclaim for its conservation efforts. Visitors can access the park via scenic routes from the Argostoli-Sami road, with trails leading to its summit for the adventurous traveler.

Aenos National Park invites exploration and appreciation of its natural wonders, promising a memorable experience for all who venture into its pristine wilderness.