Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary Atros

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It’s the oldest monastery in Kefalonia and was established in the Byzantine Era. This inaccessible monastery is situated at an altitude of 760 meters. Its name seems to be derived from the word “atrotos” (= invulnerable), as, due to its position, it was protected from pirate attacks.

In order to reach the monastery, you must follow a route that goes uphill through a forest area covered with yews, lentisks, arbutus and bushes. Even though the road is quite rough at certain points, it is generally accessible by transportation means, at least up until half of the route. It is an ideal chance for hiking and many visitors choose to reach the monastery on foot.

Once you’ve reached it, you will be impressed by the dominant peace, the beauty of the landscape and the panoramic view. Poros, Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea spread out before your feet. You will also be impressed by the history which springs out from every corner of the monastery: initially a Medieval tower which was recently renovated, the small church built in 1855 with the icon of the “Virgin Mary Giatrissa”, the abbey which has been deserted since the earthquakes, the old stove in the storage house, the guesthouse and the abbots’ cloisters.
There’s a festival on September 8th, the celebration of the Virgin Mary’s birth.

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