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Vigli is situated in the northwestern part of Kefalonia in the Municipality of Erisos. It is a lush green scenery with fascinating mountains and small lowland areas which give away each season’s identity by its colorful and characteristic flora.

The great aura of technology and numerous cars haven’t reached this village. It can be characterized as a “hidden village”, as its distance from the Argostoli-Fiskardo national highway is 3,5km., so it is in no way a passing. The serenity and the quietness prevalent is hypnotizing. The most common sounds are the chirpings of various wild birds, the rustling of the leaves and the sound of the cool breeze.

Any visitor can realize that the temperature is ideal because the village is filled with shady places, which combined with the permanent presence of a cool breeze create a special sense of relaxation, a unique present from a blessed nature. It is true that the peculiar geographical position of the village offers winds from every side of the horizon. As far the winter period is concerned, nature displays a wilder form.

An integral part of the village’s authentic beauty is its wonderful view, which relaxes the eye, but simultaneously uplifts the visitor’s mood. The wandering eye will see endless mountains of deep green color. The next movement of the eye will lead it to the unique sea of the Ionian and even further to the peculiar Cape of Atheras. That kind of view can be the source of spiritual inspiration for any type of creation. In this small corner of the world, each day ends beautifully decorated with an intense but every time different sunset.

The village’s vegetation is lush. Nature displays all its aspects, in all its majesty every season of the year. Natural green is a source of oxygen and health. Everybody can enjoy it since it’s easy to wander down one of the many mysterious pathways.

The beach is at a distance of 500m. from the village. There is a traditional path that connects the beach to the village. There is also a blacktop road that leads to the beach, but via another village. We advise that you try the route through the traditional path. The drip after your wandering on the path will be much more enjoyable. The beach is called Aghia Iereousalem and it is basically two pebble beaches, one next to the other. There are many fig trees with lots of figs on the beach and a natural well with plenty of cool water. The general morphology around the beach is truly one-of-a-kind.

Most of the houses have been built after the earthquake of 1953. However, there are still quite a few traditional, pre-earthquake houses and some preservable ones, one of which is almost 400 years old.

Vigli is at a short distance (1 to 2 km.) from the other villages of this area ( Markoulata, Tsamarelata, Halikeri etc.). Its small population offers tranquility to this small village. In conclusion, it is a friendly environment well hidden from excessive hustle and bustle. But, at the same time, a visitor can reach any well-known and populous point of this area and, of course, cosmopolitan Fiskardo, in just a few minutes.

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