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Prokopata is very close to the island’s capital, Argostoli. Access to the village from Argostoli is extremely easy, as immediately after the Koutavos roundabout, the route continues straight on.

In 300 meters one comes across Aghia Varvara church and after going over 2 successive bridges, the visitor enters Prokopata (there is also an instructive sign with the name of the village). The village is located in the valley, exactly under the small hill “Fanero” where it was built before the earthquakes of 1866 and 1953. From the hill, on which only ruins can be found today, there is a mesmerizing view of Argostoli and of the surrounding area, such as Razata.

The eye reaches Ainos and the fields of Saint Gerasimos, who once passed by this spot. On the hill, there are 2 shelters made by the Italians and visiting them on a trip would be quite interesting.

There are also the old church cell and a deserted oil mill. Today, it is a small village with simple built houses that have lovely bloomed gardens and beautiful stone walls. Also, the fact that there are some small alleys, shaded by the trees may be considered picturesque.

Absolute calmness dominates and practically nothing disturbs it. There are 25 houses in the village today, many of which are inhabited exclusively during the summer. Its residents work in the surrounding areas and the village doesn’t even have a convenience store, as it’s very close to the town and everyone goes there for anything they need. One of the most characteristic spots of the village can be considered the church of Aghia Varvara and the little church at the village entrance and is believed to be closely linked with its existence.

Water of the best quality in all of Kefalonia can be found at Prokopata. The maintenance expenses of the spring are covered by the locals through a cultural association. The reconstruction of the village after the earthquakes is attributable to the selfless offerings of the benefactor, Panagis Markesinis.

Today the village residents believe that the name of the village has no connection to reality, as none of them have gone ahead in life in comparison to those who originated from the village, went abroad and have been distinguished. Names that originate from this village are: Papadatos, Markesinis and Zisimatos, the latter having died out.

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