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The history of Agrilias is lost in time. Only the old village houses can give away the village’s real age. These houses, the majority of which are made of stone, were built in strategic spots so that the locals could control the Ionian Sea, which was harried at one time by Venetian and Saracens pirates. The villages always had cultivatable expanses of olive trees and vineyards, which belonged to the big landowners. These particular lords of the time were from the area of Assos. What is noteworthy is the size of these properties. It is said that in the general area of Erisos, there were more than 25 thousand olive trees. Consequently, the residents’ occupation was mainly the production of olive oil, wine and raisins. What is also noteworthy is that the village maintained 3 oil mills (according to what is said by the villagers) just before World War I.

This way of life continued up until the dawn of the previous century, when immigration to South Africa and the U.S.A. started, in hopes and dreams of a better life. Today the majority of the inhabitants are pensioners and farmers who spend their time quietly and calmly away from busy, crowded centers, even though a great rise in the residents has been noted the past few years, as more and more young people decide to abandon big urban centers and move to Agrilias with their families.

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