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Petanοi Beach

The magnificent sunset

Petani is one of the most famous beaches, not only in the area of Paliki, but in all of Kefalonia as well. It’s situated in the western part of the island, on the Paliki peninsula.

The route from Lixouri to the beach is majestic and the view becomes even more beautiful as you descend towards the beach, with its prominent wild beauty, revealing before your eyes an image of unparalleled beauty, which captivates the imagination. The fine, white pebbles and the crystal clear green-blue waters attract the visitor.

The beach’s organization is excellent as it provides a canteen, taverns by the sea and higher up with a wonderful view, a café and umbrellas, thus providing all kinds of amenities and care for a pleasant stay and eating. It has also been awarded with a Blue Flag.

Sunset at Petani is mesmerizing and it’s worth waiting to see the sun disappear amongst the mountains.

The area’s name  most likely derives from the running waters present in the area all year round, as this is the meaning of the word Petani in the Greek language (from the Homeric word ePiETANI which means area with abundant water all year round).