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Nestled in the vicinity of the Agion Theodoron lighthouse lie a multitude of quaint beaches, each bearing names inspired by their surroundings. Characterized by a charming blend of rocky outcrops and soft sands, these coastal gems offer a unique experience where land and sea converge.

The beaches in this area exhibit a distinctive feature of alternating landscapes, with abrupt transitions between rugged rocks and inviting sands. While the shallowness of the waters may require a bit of walking for swimmers to reach deeper areas, these beaches are particularly favored by families with young children, retirees, and those who prefer leisurely dips in the sea.

Despite their modest depths, these beaches boast undeniable beauty, offering panoramic views of the horizon and convenient proximity to notable landmarks such as Katavothres, Fanari, and the Lassi roundabout. Whether you seek relaxation or exploration, these coastal enclaves beckon with their tranquil ambiance and scenic allure.