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Production of ready mixed concrete and ashpalt concrete, Production and Marketing of Aggregates, Marketing and building materials.

The company "Ch PAPADIMATOS SA" in Haliotata Sami is a business that can literally give any solution for everything concerning the construction, earthworks and road construction.

There are aggregates of high quality, ready concrete, iron, building materials of all kinds, earthmoving machinery for every need, a plant for asphalt construction and road construction machinery.

The company is certified with ISO 9001/2008 and the products produced carry a CE certification in quarry products and the production of asphalt.

"CH.PAPADIMATOS SA" is derived from the merge of sole proprietorship's founder Charalambos Papadimatou in June 1994 in Haliotata Sami. Its first activity was the production and trade of concrete and the construction of public and private projects.

In 1997 the business scope was expanded by creating a quarry for aggregates at Pyrgi. This plant exceeds the overalls needs of the island and abides to all the conditions and state laws for quarry operations. There is a separate listing for the quarry in www.kefaloniaheaven.com

The same year he created the asphalt plant in Haliotata.

At 2002 a second concrete production plant was created at the area of the quarry.

In 2004 a third ready mix concrete plant in Simotata Kefalonia was created. For this there is a separate listing in www.kefaloniaheaven.com

At 2010 the company expanded into trading iron inside the unit at Haliotata Sami.

In 2011 the company started selling a wide range of building materials at the unit in Haliota Sami.

In 2013 a new branch marketing iron and building materials was founded in Kokylia Argostoli for which there is a separate listing in www.kefaloniaheaven.com

At our worksites there are modern and fully automated facilities.

"CH.PAPADIMATOS SA” has participated in most major projects that have taken place in Kefalonia, literally innumerable public projects and numerous private projects.

The company has been involved in major projects such as hotel resorts Kefalonia Bay Palace in Agia Efimia, the Tesoro Blu in Scala, Utopia in the Kateleios etc.

The company has also participated in Windfarms Mount Agia Dynati and in Mount Dafni, in the biological project in Sami, Skala and Poros and the fishing harbor of Sami and countless road works.

In 1997 the company created something quite different which is the olive press in Haliotata Sami, for which there is a separate listing in www.kefaloniaheaven.com


  • Street: Chaliotata, Sami
  • City: Sami


  • Telephone: (+30) 26740.23011
  • Fax: (+30) 26740.23198
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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